How does electrolysis work?

A fine probe is inserted into the hair follicle to reach the base of the hair.  Then a short pulse of energy is emitted to stop the nourishment to the hair.


Is Electrolysis safe?

Absolutely!  Electrolysis is a proven, safe method of hair removal.  This office uses sterile disposable probes and sterile forceps and follows strict health and safety standards.


Are treatments painful?

The insertion of the probe will be painless.  When the pulse of energy is emitted, slight discomfort will be felt.


Is electrolysis permanent?

Yes.  Electrolysis is the only proven method of permanent hair removal.


Why do I have unwanted hair?

Some unwanted hair growth can be attributed to your heredity or a glandular disturbance.  Other factors such as medications, operations, or illness can also contribute to hair growth.  However, most hair that is treated is not due to an abnormal condition.


Why does some hair reappear after treatment?

Hair grows in cycles.  What you may notice is hair that has begun to grow that has not been treated yet.


How do I cope with hair growth between treatments?

It is suggested that you trim the unwanted hair with scissors in between treatments.  This will leave enough hair for your electrologist to treat and remove.  Please no waxing, tweezing, depilatories or laser.


Why can't I use a depilatory for my unwanted hair?

 You can, but it is only temporary as with waxing, tweezing, laser, or shaving.  Depending on the temporary method, the hair may be back in days, weeks or months, but the hair will be back.  Some methods like tweezing and waxing do more harm than good by actually stimulating hair growth.


Are treatments expensive?

When you compare the cost with other beauty treatments, electrolysis is reasonably priced.  Many people spend thousands of dollars in a lifetime on temporary hair removal.  Why not have the hair removed forever?


Should I be concerned about after effects?

You will most likely experience some redness or slight swelling of the treated area.  It will quickly disappear with the use of an after-treatment topical that will be recommended.  Special after-care instructions are given for treated areas.


How long will it take before all the unwanted hair is removed permanently?

The number of treatments and length of treatments will depend on the amount of growth, area to be treated and the coarseness of the hair.


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